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Has Perfected More Than Mini Fridges and WineCoolers.

Newair mini fridge next to desk.Newair remains one of the hottest brands in the mini-appliance category. The innovative team behind the Newair name consistently releases one innovative product after another, such as the latest line, the Shadow Series.

The wide range of products in the Shadow Series features tempered glass, a modern dark gray color, and small appliances available for every room of the house to guarantee that everything is perfectly coordinated.

However, they offer an inclusive line of portable products so everyone can find something they need. You’ll discover a wide range of products to meet heating and cooling needs, refrigeration needs, and more! Every product offered by Newair focuses on superior quality, just as it did in the beginning. 

The Beginning Of Newair

Newair began as a small brand 15 years ago. Luke Peters, CEO and Founder of Newair began this company in his garage. In the beginning, they only offered evaporative coolers and portable air conditioners. 

Newair wine cooler in living area.From the beginning, Peters knew that he had to go above and beyond to build a reputable company that stood a chance of growing. He focused on high-quality products that would meet the needs of the customer. Another top priority was customer service. 

Peters kept those same principles as the company grew. Now, it’s been out of his garage and in a warehouse for years so the company can manufacture one fantastic small appliance after another. Every product is made with critical attention to detail, superior quality, and designed with the customer in mind. 

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Newair Now: Innovative, Comprehensive, And Devoted

Newair has kept those same principles, which you can see in every company aspect. You can’t help but appreciate how Newair pays attention to every detail to deliver quality mini appliances and superior customer service. 


This company believes in being there for you. You can quickly call or email the company with any questions. Need help finding the perfect mini-fridge or have a quick question? Online support is available to assist you. 


They offer a wide range of products that are guaranteed to impress you. You’ll discover: 

Why Choose Newair?

Newair takes industry expectations to the next level with its revolutionary products. They consistently impress you with the admirable aspects of every product. Here are a few of the reasons that you might love Newair. 

When you want sophistication with a smile, you want Newair. They offer comfort, convenience, and style in every product. 

Meet Newair

Newair offers a comprehensive line of products designed to be portable, such as ice makers and electric coolers specially designed for families on the go. Then, they provide a complete line of mini-fridges to help meet all your mini-fridge needs. You can pick up a wine cooler, beer fridge, small cooler for a road trip, or just an essential mini fridge for the necessities. Various finishes and sizes are available for every product type, helping you find something to fit your space. 

Newair Large Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Newair Large Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

The Newair Large Beverage Refrigerator Cooler is designed to keep your home bar stocked at all times. A 224-can capacity ensures you’ll never run out of drinks for your family or guests. 

The adjustable shelves allow you to fit all your favorite drinks inside! Leave it as it is to stock it full of standard-sized cand or move the shelves to create more room for larger bottles of your preferred drink, like Grey Goose. 

This mini fridge is packed with innovative features that make it stand out. A built-in door lock guarantees no one is touching your alcohol. Flushed hinges let you easily store this mini-fridge inside a cabinet or under the bar for added convenience. Adjust the temperature with a few simple taps on the digital display. Then, change the color of the LED light inside the fridge to set the perfect ambiance in the room. 

The dual-pane tinted glass and stainless steel color create a sleek appearance that instantly makes your home or bar look more luxurious. If you want space, convenience, and a modern appearance, this one might be for you!

The extensive line of mini-fridges from Newair isn’t limited to this one. You’ll also discover products like: 

Products are available in various sizes. You’ll discover mini fridges designed to be freestanding and others that can quickly be built into your cabinetry. Most offer flush hinges, so you can install them in cabinets or use them as a free-standing mini appliance. Many Newair mini appliances are available in different finishes. 

Newair Heaters

Newair Heaters

The product line at Newair goes far beyond just offering mini-fridges. This little heater brings powerful heat onto your patio, making it perfect for those cool summer nights. It offers all the things that you already love about Newair mini appliances. 

First, it’s durable. The exterior is made of durable stainless steel to ensure that it can handle a few bumps without breaking. It’s designed to last during extreme outdoor temperatures, making it the perfect patio heater.

Not only is it durable, but this powerful garage heater is safe. According to the description, it’s one of the safest heaters on the market. Mounting hardware is included so you can safely put this heater on the ceiling and enjoy the powerful heat without putting your patio in danger. 

Newair HeatersThen, as with all Newair appliances, there are a few added features that you will love. The heater is water-resistant. It has an LED light to serve as a heater and light for your gazebo or patio. Easily change the settings with a remote control or set a timer to turn off the heater automatically.

When you need to keep your workspace warm, Newair has got you covered. They offer a comprehensive line of portable heaters for your garage, home, or RV. Small torpedo-styled heaters are available in various sizes. Pick up a small one to heat a space to 150 feet or a large one for spaces up to 500 square feet. Infrared wall patio space heaters are carefully designed to keep you warm on those cool summer nights. Ceiling patio space heaters have an easy-to-use remote to make operation a breeze. Garage heaters with adjustable vents let you control the direction of the heat to ensure that you’re always cozy while working.

Newair HeatersThese heaters include wall mounting systems to keep heaters out of your workspace and an automatic shut-off setting to prevent overheating. Small, portable ceramic heaters are crafted to be as quiet as possible, making them perfect for those with a cold office. Newair combines functionality with style to ensure you love its impressive line of heaters, whether you want something durable for the warehouse or a cute and cozy heater under your desk. 

Newair Portable Ice Makers

Newair Portable Ice Makers

Nothing is worse than not having enough freezer space for ice cube trays or someone running to the kitchen to get more ice constantly. If you have a home bar in your basement, you know how inconvenient this can be. That’s where this portable ice maker from Newair comes in. 

Newair Portable Ice MakersThis ice maker is capable of providing all the ice you need. It can deliver up to 33 lbs of ice daily, guaranteeing your drinks stay cold. As soon as you power this portable ice maker up, it will start producing ice and have ice ready in eight minutes. 

It provides the same convenience and style we’ve expected from Newair. Two buttons let you choose the ideal size for your bullet-shaped ice cubes. It can easily be transported and used anywhere with electricity, including your RV. The sleek, modern design guarantees that it complements any decorating scheme. Pick on up in a white, black, or stainless steel finish. 

Newair ice makers are available in various sizes and designs. Other models are capable of producing 44 or 50 pounds of ice. Features include: 

Newair’s ice makers are designed to be portable countertop ice makers. 

Newair Cooling Products

Newair Cooling Products

This portable air conditioner and dehumidifier offer impressive features that help you stay cool while taking the humidity out of the air. It can be used as a freestanding portable AC and comes with a window venting kit. Three cooling and two fan modes ensure your room is at the perfect temperature. An included remote control adds to its convenience. 

Other features you’ll love include: 

Newair Cooling ProductsThis model is available in various sizes to help cool rooms up to 525 square feet or as small as 193 square feet. Use it in an attic or your garage, or take it with you in your RV. 

While this portable air conditioner from Newair is impressive, it’s far from the only cooling option offered by Newair. They offer a wide variety of products to help keep you comfortable. A dual-hose heater with protable AC features performs double duty to help heat or cool any room. Portable cooling fans with misting features are ideal for sittingatf your desk during hot, humid weather. Indoor tower fans are available with humidifier functions for optimal cooling. 

Newair Cooling ProductsThe line of Newair fans offers that same variety to ensure that there is something for everyone. Pedastool fans can simply cool a room or be used as a humidifier, thanks to their misting capabilities. High-velocity fans with wall mounts are ideal for keeping a workspace cool. 

Newair offers a comprehensive line of products to meet your heating and cooling needs. You’ll discover beverage coolers, mini fridges, heaters, air conditioners, fans, and more to help keep you comfortable while offering the convenience that you crave.

Check them out on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The above symbol is a link to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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