Color is an important thing to consider with any appliance, including mini-fridges. There are the standard black, white and stainless steel colors that most appliances come in. There are also plenty of other options available, like this purple one. If purple is a bit to feminine, there are colors for the guys too, like a beautiful sky blue mini fridge. Read More


Most people think of a miniature fridge as a normal fridge, but smaller. This is accurate, but most refrigerators come with a freezer and not all mini fridges have a freezer. Some of these products have no freezer, some of them have a smaller freezer that can fit a half gallon of ice cream, and some of them have a larger freezer compartment for additional freezer items. Read More


Different fridges have different compartments to organize things, and this also applies to minifridges. Usually smaller minifridges will just have a space inside to store cans of pop. These fridges may have a smaller, built in shelf to provide room for taller things in the front, but this can mean less room to store things on that small shelf.

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Energy efficiency

Everyone should try to be more energy efficient. This includes making major appliance purchases, like mini fridges. These appliances might be smaller, but they can still make an electric bill go higher and use our planet’s vital resources. Thermo electric options are known for being energy efficient, but these models come with their own list of pros and cons that customers should be aware of.

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Be weary of models that are advertised of being thermoelectric. These can be a great option, but there are the downsides that consumers need to keep in mind. On the positive side, these mini fridges are known for being energy efficient and quieter than their traditional counterparts. They don’t have the loud hum that can be annoying to hear all day, and your electric bill will thank you.

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The shelves

The shelves are an important part of any fridge. Glass shelves are always nice for a few reasons. If something spills on a glass shelf, that spill will be contained to that single shelf. They are easy to remove and easy to clean. These shelves are also a nice option. On the other hand, glass shelves can wind up cracked or broken if you aren’t careful. They can only hold so much weight.

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Mini fridges come is all shapes and sizes. Some of them are so large that they can easily replace a fridge in the kitchen. Some of them are so small that they are closer to a cooler than a fridge. What size a person needs depends on what it will be used for, and where it is going.

If you just need one to store a few cans of pop in, a smaller one will work just fine. Read More


Stand alone or not

One of the ways that customers are guaranteeing that their mini fridge is not an eye sore is by purchasing products that are designed to be installed inside of cabinets. These mini fridges are more lightweight and are conveniently sized in the same sizes as most standard cabinets already. Then, the color doesn’t matter because it will be concealed anyway.

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Locking door

This can be a great feature if you want everyone else to stay out of the fridge. If you are planning to put the fridge in a personal office, this probably does not matter. If you are trying to keep the kids out of the fridge, don’t want dorm mates to get into the energy drink stash or the fridge is in a public place, this is a wonderful feature.

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Make sure it’s allowed

Two of the most common places for mini fridges are dorm rooms and offices. Unfortunately, many colleges and offices have certain policies regarding mini fridges.

Some dorms allow students to have mini fridges, but dorms that have had infestation problems in the past may have stricter rules regarding these. Students may be required to use a shared kitchen area instead of having their own fridge or microwave in their dorm. Some dorms also Read More

Read product reviews

Reading product reviews before buying a mini fridge is a great idea. Customers that have a good experience are not always going to leave a review, but customers that have a bad experience want to let other consumers know the problems that they had so that they do not go through the same thing.

Read the product reviews, from the five-star reviews to the one-star reviews. This can help you discover whether the fridge is worth the money, Read More

Keep shipping costs in mind

Shipping costs are another important thing to consider before purchasing a mini fridge. Some websites, like Amazon, have a minimum purchase amount and offer free shipping. As long as the product costs more than $35, which most mini fridges do, a customer can more than likely get the product shipped to them for free.

Not all websites and shopping platforms offer that Read More

Mini Fridges and Mini Fridge Options

Mini-fridges are the most convenient way to keep beverages cool in the office, keep the kids out of the Mountain Dew stash or to simply not have to go to the other room to get something to drink. They are compact enough that they do not take up too much space and are a lot cheaper than a full size fridge. Mini fridges come in a variety of sizes, colors, and they have so many options now that it is truly impressive. It can be hard to pick the right one, but at Mini Fridges, we’re doing our best to help you understand all your options!