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dometic Mini Fridge

Dometic Mini Fridges

About the Brand

In the 1950s, a company named Electrolux started making its inroads in the leisure market of America. For strengthening their presence, Electrolux kept on acquiring groundbreaking innovations and powerful brands. At the end of 1960, Electrolux gave name to their division that manufactured leisure appliances and the name was, Dometic. Dometic is now a brand that manufactures various portable products for vehicles like portable coolers, refrigerators for RV, boat, and trucks, camping furniture, etc. Each product they manufacture is portable, which explains their motto, “Mobile Living Made Easy”.

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Buyer’s Guide

1.   What Type of Cooling Technologies are Available?

Dometic offers three different cooling technologies to keep everything fresh while you are traveling. These three technologies are Thermoelectric, Absorption, and Compressor.




J.C.A Peltier discovered the principle of thermoelectric in 1834. This is the reason that parts which temperature in thermoelectric systems are named as Peltier elements. In thermoelectric the heat energy and cold energy are generated after DC is conducted between different types of metals. This cooling and heating capacity is further enhanced with the help of heat exchangers and air fans. This system is suitable for low to medium cooling volumes.




Concentrated ammonia solution is first heated in the boiler and then expelled in the form of vapors. After that, the pressurized ammonia gas is liquefied in a condenser. After the gas is liquefied it is supplied with hydrogen it evaporates and extracts heat from the storage container. Later the ammonia gas enters the absorber where it is reabsorbed in a weak solution of ammonia. Lastly, the saturated solution moves back to the boiler and the whole cycle is repeated. Ambient temperature is responsible for determining the cooling performance of the absorption coolers.




Compressor units are operated with the help of a refrigerant that changes from liquid to gaseous state in the evaporator. Heat is extracted from the interior of the cooling unit by evaporation and as a result, there is a drop in the temperature. The refrigerant is moved to the compressor where it is compressed and passed on to the condenser. The absorbed heat is released in the atmosphere here. The refrigerant again liquefies and flows to the evaporator where the cycle is repeated.



2.   Type of Climate you will be in

While getting a cooler portable cooler you should also be considering what type of climate you would be in. The cooling capacity of the thermoelectric and absorption coolers is 18 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius which is below the ambient temperature. This means that these types of coolers are not suitable if the area in which you are traveling has a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius or more. Therefore for hot regions, we recommend you to go for compressor coolers.



3.   What Size of Cooler You Should be having?

There are several things that you should be considering here. First, you should be considering how much storage space you have in your vehicle. Secondly, you should consider how many people will use the cooler. Thirdly you should consider that for how long you will be needing it. Lastly, you should consider that is the added drain on resources worthwhile. Dometic provides a different range of capacities as per the cooling technology i.e.

Absorption: 31 I – 40 I
Thermoelectric: 8 I – 37 I
Compressor: 10.5 I – 88 I



4.   What Type of Energy Sources will You Want to Use

The Dometic portable coolers use the following energy sources:


Thermoelectric Technology —-> 12V/30V/Gas
Absorption Technology —-> 12V/24V/230V
Compressor Technology —-> 12V/24V/110V – 230V


Amongst all absorption coolers are regarded as the most convenient because they are powered on AC, DC, and Gas (when used outside the vehicle). On the other hand, compressors are the best option for solar power because their energy consumption is low and also Solar is affordable and clean.



5.   Flat Vehicle Battery

A dead car battery is what you should be worrying more about because some of the coolers may entirely consume your battery power. As far as portable coolers from Dometic are concerned they feature an integrated battery protection. So whenever the power level of your car starts to drop and reaches the pre-set “disconnected level”, then power to your cooler will be automatically cut down. Well your drinks may become a bit warm but still you will be able to drive back home safely.


The absorption coolers of Dometic are powered by gas and electricity both and are capable of protecting the power of your car’s battery. On the other hand, some of the thermoelectric coolers have a built-in low voltage monitor that prevents your car’s battery from dying by cutting off the power at low voltage.


Another thing that counts is the efficiency of the coolers. The cooler running on the electricity by the main must be efficient enough. In the case of Dometic coolers, Dometic has set an efficiency benchmark for their compressor coolers. The CFX cooler range of Dometic is the first one to achieve an A++ rating. Their thermoelectric coolers have consistently been achieving the A+++ rating. The absorption coolers don’t have any energy labeling because they are mainly powered on gas.



6.   Are you concerned about the Noise?

You should also be considering the operating noise of the coolers also because too much noise from the coolers could be disturbing. The noise levels of the coolers by Dometic depends on the cooling technology of the cooler. The absorption coolers are silent, compressor coolers have an occasional, quite running while the thermoelectric coolers possess a continuous noise of the fan.



7.   Will You Be Travelling For Shorter Period Or Longer Period?

While purchasing a Dometic portable cooler, you should consider that will you be traveling for a shorter period or a longer period. If you are planning to travel for a longer period then you should get a cooler that features a deep-freeze function for extending the life of the food.  For this purpose, the compressor coolers are ideal because of their capability of freezing down to -22 degrees Celsius.

If your traveling period is shorter like for a few days or weeks then we would recommend you to go for an absorption cooler. Some of the models of absorption coolers you can even store ice cubes in the evaporator component of the cooler. Although absorption coolers are not as powerful as the compressor coolers still they will cool down your food.



Instead of cooling the items, thermoelectric coolers keep the items cool. If you are to use a thermoelectric cooler then it is necessary to pre-cool the items when you leave for the trip. These coolers are less suitable if you are traveling period is more than a day or two.



8.   Will You Be Selecting a Pre-Select Temperature?

As far as the pre-select temperature is concerned this is only offered by the compressor cools. Few models of the thermoelectric and absorption coolers may also allow you to vary the level of cooling power but you cannot choose a target temperature.



9.   Drinks for Drivers

Long journeys can make the driver thirsty and for this, you should have a portable cooler within the reach of the driver. Some of the portable coolers from Dometic may easily fit between the front seats while you can easily strap some of the portable coolers to the passenger seat with the help of seatbelt.



10.Easy to Clean

Hygiene is important to every person therefore having a portable cooler that is easy to clean may prove to be quite beneficial in this regard. The portable coolers that are easy to clean possess features like a plug for draining away the melted ice and removable parts like dividers and baskets.


Types of Dometic Coolers

1.   Dometic Powered Coolers

CFX Series

Dometic CFX Series coolers are portable refrigerators and are capable of fitting in any vehicle. Some of the CFX Series coolers are compressor refrigerators while some of the models in the CFX feature a freezer as well. CFX series coolers are the best way of keeping your food and drinks chilled while you are on your journey. As far as the storage capacity of the CFX series coolers is concerned, they offer a minimum storage capacity of 43-can (offered in Dometic CFX 28) and a maximum of 146-can (offered in Dometic CFX 100W). The key features included in all the Dometic Series coolers include reinforced corners, wire basket and divider, steel hinges and digital temperature displays. The cooling performance of the CFX series coolers is also amazing as it will offer you maximum cooling even in high outside temperatures.

CF Series

Second, on the list, we have CF series portable coolers that prove to be your best companion on your journey. Dometic CF series coolers are ideal for campers and tailgaters. Unlike the Dometic CFX series coolers, CF series coolers are light in weight and also comprise of comfortable shoulder straps. The coolers from this series have a slim and sleek design and easily fit in the confined spaces. Not only they are slim and lightweight but they are also available in a wide range of options. As far as their capacity is concerned, they feature a minimum capacity of 18 liters (provided by Dometic CF 18) and maximum capacity 106 liters (provided by Dometic CF 110). They offer a highly efficient cooling performance and will cool your beverages in no time with its turbo function. The coolers of the CF series also feature an interior light.

2. Dometic Non-Powered Cooler


Dometic Avalanche is a non-powered cooler but is as innovative as the powered coolers of Dometic. These coolers are roto-molded and will keep your food and drinks chilled for up to 10 days. Moreover, these coolers also comprise of thick and insulated internal walls that provide maximum insulation and possess a robust stainless steel construction. They also have strong latches so that everything stays in. Moreover, its reversible feet at the bottom allow you to switch them from skid to non-skid depending on the situation. These coolers are also compatible with dry ice. These coolers offer you with 3 different size options. The smallest one of this range is Dometic Avalanche 35L that possesses a storage capacity of 30qt while the largest one is Dometic Avalanche 65LW which offers a storage capacity of 62.1qt and possesses wheels at the bottom.

Dometic Avalanche Cooler versus Yeti

Ice Retention

In the ice retention feature, Yeti and Dometic Avalanche Cooler are great competition. The coolers offered by Yeti are capable of cooling up to 11 days. On the other hand, Dometic Avalanche Coolers can provide its users with up to 10 days of refrigeration. So, in this case, we can say that it is a tie.



As far as the construction is concerned Yeti coolers are well-known for their strength, and durable roto-molded construction. Yeti coolers are bear-proof and feature sturdy latches and lids that are capable of keeping the interior cold. On the other hand, Dometic Avalanche Coolers are pretty strong but they are unable to beat the Yeti coolers in the strength they provide. Yeti coolers are much more durable than the Dometic Avalanche Coolers but still, Dometic Avalanche Coolers are more reliable.


Storage Capacity and Color Variety

In terms of storage capacity and color offering, Yeti coolers offer a wide variety as compared to the Domestic Avalanche Coolers. Dometic Avalanche Coolers come with only 3 size offerings and only one color.


Millions and billions of people in the world use the products from Dometic. Dometic has got products for all those who are going somewhere whether it is an RV user, boat owner, truck driver or the one who likes to travel outdoors. Dometic’s purpose is to manufacture products that fulfill your needs while you are traveling, like coking, keeping the food fresh, taking care of hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. This is the reason why their motto is mobile living made easy.

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Amazon Affiliate Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The above symbol is a link to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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