Most students that have a dorm room mini fridge are leaving home for the first time, and they are taking care of a refrigerator for the first time. Compact refrigerators are not hard to take care of, but there are a few things that college students need to keep in mind to make sure that their fridge stays in good condition.

Keep it Upright

A compact refrigerator will be easier to move if it is laying down, but this can make the compressor malfunction. After getting one of these in the mail, leave it upright. When moving it, make sure to leave it in an upright position so that it does not suffer any type of damage during the move.

If it is not kept in an upright position, there could be damage to the refrigerator, and it might not work after the move. Guarantee that it still functions properly by keeping it in an upright position.

Keep it Clean

While students are away at college with their mini fridge, it is important to keep the inside of the mini-fridge squeaky clean. If students are not used to this, they are encouraged to mark a day a week in their planner to clean out the fridge.

To clean it out a mini fridge, simply take everything out of the fridge. Throw out anything that is old or that has expired. (Make sure to take out the trash after doing this to avoid unpleasant odors.) Then, wipe off the shelves with a disinfectant wipe. Don’t forget any additional compartments on the inside of the door, like a built-in can dispenser.

After that, replace the items that go back in the fridge, and repeat this process once a week.

In between cleaning out the compact refrigerator it is important to make sure that any spills get cleaned up immediately. Also, toss out food that is old in between cleaning.


Empty the Drip Tray

If the mini fridge has a convenient auto defrost feature, it should also come with a drip tray. When the freezer defrosts, this will fill up with water and need to be emptied. Simply take it out, empty it, and then put it back.

Defrost Freezer Portion

Mini fridges that do not automatically defrost themselves will need to be manually defrosted. College students will need to remove everything from the fridge, and then unplug it. If it does not come with a drip tray, place a towel underneath of it so that the towel will catch the water instead leaving a mess.


After that, leave the product unplugged for a few days and it will be properly defrosted. Most college students do this when they are home for a school break. They simply unplug it and clean it out before they leave, and then it is defrosted when they come back.

Students that do not go home for school breaks will need to do this approximately every six months. This does vary by product. Some will need defrosted more, and some will need defrosted less. The more the door is opened, the more it will need to be defrosted.

If there is too much frost inside of the freezer, it is time to defrost it.


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A mini fridge is a wonderful addition to a dorm room.

It is a dorm room necessity, but if it is not taken care of, it will barely last one semester. Follow these tips to make sure that that the mini fridge works properly and stays in wonderful condition.

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