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Look To Nutrichef For Mini Fridges,
Wine Coolers And Small Kitchen Appliances

NutriChef is one of the highest-rated companies for small kitchen gadgets. They do offer mini fridges, but they also offer a comprehensive line of almost anything you’ll need for your kitchen. This includes cookware, dehydrators, food storage, cooking appliances, and more!


NutriChef believes in making things more convenient for customers. They feel that eating together helps bring people together, and you shouldn’t spend all evening in the kitchen cooking. Instead, you should be able to enjoy healthy foods and entertainment without the hassle that outdated kitchen gadgets cause. That’s why NutriChef was born. 

About NutriChef

As life gets busier by the day, people often turn to convenient food, such as fast food. This helps fuel the obesity problem worldwide and causes multiple other illnesses because convenient food is not always healthy. It rarely is. 


That’s why NutriChef was born. The group of friends behind the brand wanted to give everyone the convenience they want with the ability to have healthy food that their bodies need. So, the comprehensive line of NutriChef products was born.


As time has passed, they’ve added more items to their line, such as cookware and a wealth of small kitchen appliances. Enjoy rotisserie chicken with your countertop rotisserie chicken maker, or serve food in style with a bamboo cheese cutting board. You’ll also discover flatware sets, crepe makers, and more! The categories offered ensure that everything is covered. Now, you can find the following:


NutriChef has nailed it when it comes to cornering the kitchenware market. If you need something to cook, store or serve food, this brand more than likely has it. They take the time to make every product convenient for you to use. There are quite a few reasons that you’ll love NutriChef. 

Why NutriChef

NutriChef is far from the only brand that offers kitchen gadgets and cookware. However, they do stand apart from the rest. There are several reasons that this is a brand that you can trust. 

Mission:  NutriChef is much more than another business out to make a quick buck. Instead, this brand has a mission. They genuinely want to help you find everything you need to prepare healthy, home-cooked meals. For example, they offer vacuum sealers so you can meal prep, making it easy to have a nutritious dinner on those nights you have to work late. 

Affordable:  NutriChef offers cookware that you can purchase without breaking the bank. Air fryers and other kitchen gadgets like ice makers are available at similar prices to competitors. You can find an air fryer for as low as about $80 or a countertop ice and water maker for around $200. 

One-Stop Shopping:  NutriChef does have everything that you can need. It’s another way this brand offers convenience that other brands have difficulty competing with. Instead of going from one site to the next or shopping at multiple stores, you can completely stock your kitchen with a quick search for Nutrichef.

Attention to Detail: You can’t help but notice how NutriChef pays attention to the little things. Some cookware includes silicone handles, making you less likely to burn yourself. They have a blender designed to be portable and compact to take with you on the go. Food dehydrators are designed to be multi-tier to ensure you can dehydrate all your food in one go. They genuinely think about the customer’s needs and strive to meet them with every convenient detail. 

Excellent Return Policy: The website states that NutriChef will give you a full refund if the product is returned within 30 days of purchasing it. However, if you want to return it after 30 days, you’re not entirely out of luck. You can still return a product for a partial store credit based on what the product is worth. 

Highly Rated:

  • NutriChef receives one positive review after another. Most of their products consistently receive four or five-star reviews, which tells you much about the brand. When customers receive a shoddy product, they usually feel obligated to inform other potential customers. If there are primarily positive reviews, you purchase products from a trustworthy company. 

Meet NutriChef

NutriChef is going to amaze you with one innovative product after another. They offer everything you need for your kitchen or game room. On top of that, you’ll discover one convenient feature after another. 

Check them out on Amazon.

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Mini Fridges, Wine Coolers and Ice Makers

NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler

NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine Cooler:

This 12-bottle wine cooler is perfect for anyone who enjoys wine. It’s the ideal size to fit in a kitchen, rec room, or anywhere else. This freestanding mini wine cooler is narrow enough to fit easily in small spaces or on your counter. Want it out of sight? Store this compact creation inside a cabinet. 


The sleek stainless steel and black finishes coordinate well with any decorating scheme, from modern to contemporary. Not a fan? You can pick it up in an all-black finish too!


NutriChef 12 Bottle Wine CoolerIt’s packed with all the features you want in a wine fridge. Easily adjust the temperature with digital controls. The door has an air-tight seal to help keep every bottle of wine fresh. LED lights help you see your wine, while automatic circulation and accurate cooling technology ensure that your wine stays at the ideal temperature to preserve the taste. 


This is just one product in the long line of cooling products from NutriChef. Wine fridges are available in various sizes, up to a two-door, full-size wine refrigerator. Countertop ice and water makers ensure that everyone in the rec room always has a cold drink. Mini fridges ensure that all of your favorite beverages are always in stock. 

NutriChef Products For Beer Lovers

NutriChef Products For Beer Lovers

This mini keg dispenser is precisely what you want for a man cave. It delivers fresh beer from your favorite craft beer or home brew instantly to keep the refreshments coming. It boasts of keeping beer fresh for up to three months. 


NutriChef Products For Beer LoversThe powder black finish is matte, instantly adding a stylish element to this personal keg dispenser. It pairs perfectly with the stainless steel finish for a sophisticated look that will complement existing decor. 


Other noteworthy features you’ll love include: 

NutriChef offers everything that a beer lover needs. Mini keg systems are available with a mini keg and in various finishes, including stainless steel. You can brew your beer with an all-in-one beer brewing kit and then keep it cold with a NutriChef can cozy. After you’ve figured out the perfect way to brew your beer, enjoy it in one of NutriChef’s highball glasses. 

NutriChef Has Everything You Need For A BBQ

NutriChefKitchen Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker with Cover

NutriChefKitchen Charcoal Grill Offset Smoker with Cover:


Ready to leave the rec room and take the party outside? NutriChef can meet your BBQ needs, starting with this impressive grill. It’s small enough to be portable but large enough to keep everyone fed.


This charcoal grill is much more than just another grill. Instead, you can use it for smoking, baking, roasting, or grilling. After finishing one dish, put it on one of three shelves to keep it warm.


The grill comes with the features that you need, including:


  • S hooks you can use for tools
  • A chimney
  • Adjustable chamber
  • Anti-rust material


This is just one product in a long line designed to give you the perfect grilling experience. Other products include:


  • Bluetooth meat thermometers: These are available in various sizes. Some come with one prong, while others come with six. The Bluetooth and wireless features allow you to connect it to an app on your phone so you can watch the real-time cooking temperature of your meats, guaranteeing that you can cook confidently. You’ll find that they are available in various price ranges, too, ensuring that you can find a smart meat thermometer that won’t be over budget.
  • Portable products: If you’re ready to head to the campgrounds or want something small that won’t take up a lot of space in the backyard, you can find it with NutriChef portable products. Portable grills are easy to fold up, so you don’t have to leave them outside. A mini portable oven is the perfect size for making a pizza and fits easily in your car or patio.
  • Grill accessories: NutriChef goes above and beyond to help you find everything. Stay safe with grill gloves. Use your grill as a griddle with the NutriChef cast iron grill plate. If you need something to cook on or with, this brand will likely have it.

NutriChef Helps You Entertain

NutriChef Air Fryer, Halogen Infrared Convection Oven

NutriChef Air Fryer, Halogen Infrared Convection Oven:

This convection oven by NutriChef is designed to keep you out of the kitchen so you can have fun with your guests instead of spending all night preparing food.


Air fryers like this one are specially designed to have rapid air circulation. This creates an even temperature around the food for even cooking, and you don’t have to keep checking on your food to enjoy perfectly cooked food. However, if you want to, NutriChef made checking the food easy with this glass air fryer. Ensuring the chicken isn’t burnt is as easy as glancing across the room.


Easy-to-use controls let you set the temperature and a timer. Then, you can forget it’s there until you hear the beep that signals it’s done. Other nifty features you’ll love include:


    • It can be used to defrost, grill, broil, bake or roast
    • Little or no oil needed for healthier meals
    • Creates food that is perfectly crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside


Use it to create the perfect rotisserie chicken for dinners or plenty of french fries for the guys.


NutriChef offers plenty of other items you can use to both cook and serve meals while entertaining. For example:


    • Electric hot plate dish warmers: Another great way to stay out of the kitchen is to cook meals in advance. Quickly cook meals, then warm them up with this dish warmer to enjoy spending time with the people you love.
    • Chocolate fondant makers: If you’re hosting a game night, this is the perfect way to serve everyone appetizers without leaving the room. It’s small size and portability ensure you can enjoy your favorite snacks anytime, anywhere. Want something more extravagant? NutriChef also has a three-tier chocolate fountain available.
    • Specialized serving options: If you want to serve food or drinks, NutriChef has something you need. Offer a cheese plate on their rotating cheese platter, so no one has to reach over the platter. Serve whiskey with the whiskey carafe set, or keep the appetizers coming with a multi-tier serving platter. Serving boards let you make appetizers, such as a cheese platter, in advance, sit them on a table and then forget about them.

NutriChef ensures that entertaining will be fun. Your NutriChef appliances will make feeding everyone convenient, and they’re cool enough to be conversation starters.

NutriChef can meet all of your eating, drinking, and serving needs. It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy game nights with the couple across the street or love to kick back with the guys and a few cold ones, they’ve got something that you are going to enjoy.

Check them out on Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The above symbol is a link to Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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