Sprite lovers will adore this quaint mini-fridge. The green color is fashionable and creates the perfect background for the Sprite logo, which can be seen on the front of the mini-fridge. Not only is this one of a kind mini-fridge unique, but it also has several features that customers appreciate, it is portable, and it is affordable. Learn more about this stunning personal cooler to decide if it can end the search for the perfect mini-fridge.
Sprite Mini Fridge Features


Sprite mini-fridges are hard to come by, making $60 and free shipping a steal for this one.


This personal compact fridge is only available in a Sprite theme, but other products can be found with similar themes. Simply browse through other product descriptions to discover more themes that might be interesting.


Having a capacity of only 4 liters makes this mini fridge cute and compact. Six cans of pop will fit perfectly inside of this fridge if they are laying down, making it the ideal drink cooler for those that are on the go.

Go Green with Thermoelectric Cooling

Thermoelectric cooling is the latest technology being used in mini fridges, and it’s a big hit because it does not use any freon, making it perfect for those that prefer to go green. Beverages will stay cold enough to feel refreshing while on the job, but it is important that purchasers know that the temperature can fluctuate, resulting in this product being unsafe to store frozen foods in.

Door Handle Locks Itself

No one will ever worry about this door handle coming open. As soon as the door is pushed shut, it automatically latches into place until it is opened using the handle again. Every portable mini fridge that is going to be in the car needs this feature, and this mini fridge has got a self-locking handle that works flawlessly.

Can Easily Warm Foods

The thermoelectric cooling system makes it easier to keep foods warm as well as cool. One flip of a switch on the back and this beautiful Sprite mini fridge will instantly start to keep all the contents warm. Features like this one make this a great idea for anyone that takes their lunch to work with them. Cool down drinks during the summer and keep a bowl of chili warm during the winter!

Small Size

None of the mini fridge dimensions are over one foot, guaranteeing that this product is as compact as it is cute. It can easily sit on a nightstand or in the corner of a desk at the office without taking up too much space. The small size also adds convenience to this portable product. No one wants to lug around a bulky mini-fridge all day!


Speaking of being easy to carry, this product is only three pounds, meaning that it is more portable than customers knew was possible! They can easily grab this personal fridge, sit it in the car and then carry it into work without it bothering them. This personal mini fridge was released at the end of 2018.



A great value purchase. Works well. Keeps cold beverages cold and soups hot. Fridge works great both on a/c and d/c voltage. Very handy size and remarkably cold.

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