A compact fridge that is designed to give customers a unique look while still providing all the mini fridge essentials that you would expect and more. Instead of owning just your basic black or white mini fridge, many people are going to love owning a small refrigerator that is designed to look exactly like an amp, right down to the knobs.

There is no doubt that electric guitar players are going to get a kick out of this extremely authentic-looking “amp design” mini fridge, however, I think anyone who loves music or who has ever played in a band is also going to love it, or at least appreciate it. Just imagine the look on your friend’s face when you open up the door to this “amp” for the first time to grab them a beer or a soda! I would be willing to bet that their jaw will drop at least a little. Anyway please read on to learn more about this extremely unique mini fridge.


Marshall’s Amp Design

The authentic design of this mini fridge is exactly the same as a Marshall’s amp that you would find in your local music store, right down to the Marshall’s logo. Featuring genuine Marshall Parts, mini fridges do not get any more authentic and creative looking than this one. The fret cloth and brass plate are the perfect touches to complete the look of this awesome compact refrigerator.

People Will Think It’s an Amp

People who are tired of their friends “borrowing” their beer or cans of soda will enjoy the way that this fridge is automatically hidden. The front of the mini fridge is literally identical to the front of a Marshall’s electric guitar amp. The knobs turn, the switches flip, and some customers have even noticed that the front of a real amp is installed on the front of the mini fridge itself, which explains why it looks identical. If there are already plenty of these amps in the room

Currently Available From Third Party Sellers On Amazon

Instead of purchasing this product directly from Amazon, people have to purchase it from a third-party seller on Amazon. (At least that is the current situation as I write the article) I believe that just like any other product that you buy on Amazon, It is important for customers to read reviews about third-party sellers. In addition to reading the reviews.

Convenient Storage

The storage space and well-designed features make it possible for a person to fit much more in this mini fridge than you might think. Adjustable shelves can be moved up or down for large bottle storage, and shelves on the door can be used for additional can storage. The interior was designed to make this mini fridge the ultimate place to store all of your preferred food and beverages, and they succeeded.

Small Freezer Space

Sometimes a cold beverage just isn’t the same without a few ice cubes in it which is why this refrigerator has a perfect little freezer. Keep drinks cold inside the fridge and help them stay cold after they are taken out with some ice from the built-in freezer. You might also want to consider reading our article that goes over some really cool mini fridge-freezer accessories.

The Perfect Compact Size

This small refrigerator is big enough to store plenty of beverages, but it’s small enough to fit under the counter if someone needs it to. At just thirty-two inches tall, this small refrigerator is versatile enough to be used in just about any situation that you can think of. It doesn’t matter whether it is going in a cabinet, under a counter, on a table, or even if you just prefer to leave it sitting out in the open.


Beautiful refrigerator! It disguises itself as a Marshall amp and looks perfect in the room. The frig itself keeps the drinks very cold.

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