A portable mini fridge with enough space for six standard cans, the option of having a Bluetooth speaker in the door and environmentally friendly technology that every customer will love if they enjoy going green. This personal fridge is affordable, it’s sleek and it’s capable of keeping food and drinks warm as well as cool.

Read on to learn whether this one is affordable and large enough and to determine if it is what you are looking for.



This is one of the cheaper portable mini fridges at only $45 for the option with a Bluetooth speaker. The model without one is even cheaper than that! Customers will also get free shipping if they choose to shop through Amazon.


The only color that this one comes in is black, but that is perfect. Black will coordinate well with any decor, current color scheme and it is perfect for either gender.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Bluetooth speaker that is included is a cool feature that customers are not going to find in a lot of portable mini fridges. This speaker sits in the front of the door and can be connected to any device that has Bluetooth capabilities, such as an Android or IPhone. Jam to Pandora or another favorite music streaming application while away on a camping trip!

Door Latches

Some mini appliances have a small problem with the door swinging open, but the latch on this one will prevent that. It will stay closed while being carried, while in the car and while being tossed around when driving around a sharp turn. Customers will never have to worry about the contents spilling out.

Not Ideal for Extreme Heat

This compact refrigerator has thermoelectric cooling. That is awesome for people that want to go as green as they can, but it is not ideal for extremely hot temperatures. The cooling system can keep things at a cold temperature in average conditions, so customers need to keep that in mind before purchasing it.

The description states that it will keep things approximately 32 degrees colder than the surrounding temperature. That means that if it is 100 degrees, sodas are going to be about 70 degrees.

Comes with a car plug in

This mini fridge comes with the proper accessories to make it portable. A plug in that can be used with a cigarette lighter is included so that customers can take it with them where ever they go, like on road trips.

Warmer Feature

This awesome mini fridge comes with a switch that can help keep foods warm instead of cold. Customers will have to make sure that the food is already heated before putting it in the warmer, but then they can simply plug in the mini appliance and forget about it until lunch time arrives.

The switch for this function is placed on the back of the fridge so that customers do not have to worry about accidently boiling their soda.

3.9 out of 5 stars

Over 100 verified purchasers have left reviews, and most of them are good. Customers like how quiet the fan is, how durable it is, and they enjoy how small it is. Most shoppers that have purchased this mini fridge say that it is the perfect size for their needs, like keeping a few beverages or a lunch cold while they are at work.

This is an outstanding creation that can handle a little bit of wear and tear without breaking. It’s designed to function as a small, lightweight mini fridge that can be as portable or as stationary as customers need for it to, and that is exactly what this mini fridge does.


Customers need to keep in mind that this mini fridge does not come with freezer space and should not be used as the only fridge for safety reasons. Customers that want something that works similar to an electric cooler or warmer will love this product.

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