Frigidaire Retro Mini Compact 6 Can Beverage Refrigerator

This refrigerator from Frigidaire is uniquely designed to keep beverages cold while being stylish. The retro look is always a favorite among those that like fashionable things, and this cute creation has managed to capture exactly what a retro mini fridge should look like.



This conveniently small fridge is only going to cost about $60, and it qualifies for free shipping.


Three different colors give customers plenty of selections to decide on their favorite. Shoppers can choose a pink retro mini fridge for their teen girl to store skincare in, a blue retro compact fridge for those that do not like pink, or they can go with a classic red.


Portability is a necessity in small mini fridges, and the weight on this one makes it more portable than other options. Customers will have no problems grabbing this pint-sized product on their way to the car because it only weighs 4.5 pounds. That’s less than most bags of sugar!

Cannot be Used to Store Dairy

The pink mini fridge plugs in just like a refrigerator, but it cannot be used as a regular refrigerator. It can keep drinks cool, but it cannot be used for things that need to be refrigerated, such as dairy because the temperature can fluctuate, meaning that milk can spoil and foods like chip dip might not be kept at a safe temperature.


Those that want something smaller to keep a few drinks or their lunch cold at the office are going to love this retro mini fridge. It can easily hold six standard sized cans of pop, and there are larger versions for customers that need a little bit more room.

There is no freezer space available in this pink mini fridge. Customers should be aware that this one is intended for use as a small cooler, and should not use it to store frozen foods or meats in.


Shoppers should be aware that this retro compact fridge is made from plastic, not metal. Several customers have been confused about this upon ordering it because the plastic looks as though it might be metal in the picture. It should be noted that magnets will not stick to the front of this compact refrigerator.

Perfect for Make Up

There is nothing worse than opening a cream eye shadow single only to discover that it has melted or looking at organic skin creams that have separated and can no longer be used. That is why so many people are using mini fridges like this one for their make up and skin care collection. Portable mini fridges are the perfect size for storing make up and skin creams because they can easily sit on the side of a vanity or dresser.

Great for Keeping Office Lunch Cool!

Customer Reviews

There were mixed reviews about this mini fridge. Some customers complained that it arrived with a dent or two. These same customers stated that Amazon had no problem shipping them a replacement.

Several other customers were happy to tell potential buyers that they took a chance, and that they are happy that they did. They stated that this was a perfect gift for someone for their garage. Some even said that they didn’t mind a small dent or two because it made the mini fridge look more like a tool box. These shoppers stated that it coordinated perfectly with the rest of the toolboxes in the garage.

Overall, customers gave a rating of almost four out of five stars.


This is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys spending some time in the garage that needs a mini fridge. The tall red toolbox style goes perfectly with other toolboxes that are in the garage, and no one will have to run in and out of the house to get cold beverages again. There is more than enough room in the 3.2 cubic square feet for tall necks, cans, and anything else customers might want to throw in there, making it ideal for a man cave or anyone’s garage.

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