A retro mini fridge with a classic Coca Cola design that remains unmatched by other personal refrigerators. This compact cooler is portable, it is convenient, and it offers features that make it a nice option for offices, dorms and camping trips. Read on to learn the advantages, and the disadvantages, of this miniature fridge.



At only $80, this Cooluli product is one of the more affordable Coca Cola mini fridges on the market. Customers will get free shipping on this retro fridge.


Only one size is available with this awesome Coca Cola fridge: 10 liter/12 can.

Environmentally Friendly

This Cooluli retro fridge uses the least amount of energy possible, and it does not use any harsh chemicals. When customers use this small fridge continuously, it will use the same amount of electricity as a 60-watt lightbulb. Homeowners will not notice a drastic increase in their electric bill with this retro beauty.

A thermoelectric cooling system eliminates the need for freon, a harsh chemical that is not good for the environment. Instead, this compact fridge will keep beverages cold, soups hot, and it will help preserve the planet.


This Coca Cola mini fridge can be used in the car, the office or the home. It has several features that make it one of the most portable mini fridges on the market. Cooluli made it lightweight at just under 12 pounds so it will never be a burden, and a carrying handle makes it easy to pick up on the way to the car.

An AC plug in can be used with this mini fridge to plug it into a cigarette lighter, and it uses a standard electrical outlet, meaning that it can easily be plugged in anywhere, like at the game, on camping trips or on a road trip.


This beautiful Coca Cola fridge comes with a one-year warranty, but Cooluli customers should be forewarned that this is a limited warranty. It does not cover all damages or accidents. Customers that are concerned about what the warranty covers are encouraged to carefully review the warranty to determine what is, and is not, covered before purchasing.

Can Convert to a Warmer

Individuals that want to keep foods warm can do so with one quick movement. After flipping the switch, these retro products will automatically switch over to warming mode. Everyone should note that foods kept in the warmer should already be hot before being placed inside. This Cooluli mini fridge/warmer might take a long time to get cold foods to a higher temperature. It works like a thermos and cannot be used as a substitute for a microwave.

Removable shelves

The shelves in these Coca Cola mini fridges can slide out easily so that customers can fit taller bottles in the mini fridge. This model is not large enough to hold a 2 liter bottle or a gallon of milk, but it can hold taller, glass bottles of soda just fine.


The thermoelectric system does require a fan, but the fan is not loud enough that it will bother individuals in the room or co-workers in the next cubicle. Most customers report that they do not hear the fan unless they are directly next to the mini fridge, making this one of the quieter portable options.

Not safe for all foods

Because this fridge does not get as cold as a freezer and the temperature can fluctuate, it should not be considered safe for all foods. Customers should not use it to store dairy items or frozen foods, such as meat. It is important for customers to determine the set temperature of their mini fridge and read food safety regulations before placing foods inside.

The Verdict

Only a hand full of customers have purchased and reviewed their retro fridge, but most of them are positive, giving this one a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. They are saying that this is an awesome choice for a game room, a dorm room, an office desk, or for road trips. It’s also a great option for people that have room mates that need just a little bit of extra fridge space for their own things.

This Cooluli mini fridge works like a small refrigerator to keep foods chilled, it can be used continuously, and most customers will love the portable features as well as how quiet it is.

Customers that are searching for a larger Coca Cola mini fridge or a compact refrigerator with freezer space are encouraged to browse through other product reviews to find something that will meet their needs.

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