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This 3.2 cubic feet miniature refrigerator takes a standard cube compact refrigerator to the next level. It has so many features that a single person could easily use this as their second refrigerator, or as their main one. Read on to learn more about this Arctic King mini fridge, and to discover if it will be the perfect product.

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Product Features


At approximately $160, this compact refrigerator is a bit more expensive than a standard cube style refrigerator. However, it has more features and it is larger, so customers are paying for those additional features and space.
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This product currently comes in both black and stainless steel. The black one can be ordered directly through Amazon. Customers can order a stainless-steel selection through Amazon, but it can only be purchased through a third-party seller. It is important that customers know that the product is not made from stainless steel, but instead has a stainless-steel finish.

Energy Efficient

The estimated cost of running this fridge for an entire year is approximately $32. The price depends on energy costs in the area, but this is a nice estimate. Customers have not reported seeing a significant increase in their energy bills.

Two Doors

There is one door for the refrigerator compartment and another one for the freezer compartment, making this the perfect product for customers that need somewhere to store frozen foods. When compact refrigerators only have one door, it lets the cold air out of the freezer compartment every time that it is opened. Customers that own two-door products will not have to worry about that situation. Instead, food in the freezer will stay frozen, just like it is supposed to.

Customer Reviews

William A Roe
William A Roe
Love the freezer section and interior light!
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We LOvE this refrigerator! My daughter took it to college and we werent sure because it looked kind of big. The freezer section is so great to have. She can have icecream, popsicles and frozen meals easily. They included an ice tray and it froze in just a couple of hours. The fridge has a light too which we thought was unheard of for a mini-fridge. We are so happy with our choice!!!
Bob Feeser
Bob Feeser
Worthy purchase!
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This 2-Door Mini Fridge is PHENOMENAL! It gets cold really quickly after being plugged in, it comes with a mini ice cube tray and scraper, it's beautiful, it has TONS of space (you can fit an entire 1/2 gallon carton in the bottom drawer and still have a little room to spare), the slots on the door can not only hold 12 oz cans of soda but can hold 16.9 oz bottles of water and the door will still close and with ZERO problems and the ENTIRE thing is wrapped in a protective film that you don't even notice! PLEASE NOTE: The freezer is big enough to fit an upright, 18.5 oz of Pure Leaf tea but don't do it because when it freezes, it swells and is da*n near impossible to get out! I've included 2 photos. The first one to show you how the 16.9 oz bottles can fit on the refrigerator door and the second one to show you how tall the space is for the bin at the bottom. Its almost as tall as a 16.9 oz bottle.
Jillian Heart
Jillian Heart
Great for a personal refrigerator!!!
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Great item at a great price! Fridge is a good size and the freezer can fit your ice cream in it. Everything stays cold with little effort. Your big cups can fit in the bottom in the drawer if you move the bottom shelf. It is quiet and I forget that it is running... I love it!

More Features


Storage is always an important factor to consider when picking a miniature refrigerator to buy. Every person has different needs, and customers need to make sure that the product in question is going to meet their individual needs.

This mini fridge has a few different features in the storage area. Owners that like to have a 2 liter of pop will enjoy the special compartment in the door that is the perfect size, and those that prefer to drink out of a can will appreciate the can sized shelves on the inside of the door.

Glass Shelves

The glass shelves are perfect for both storage and cleaning. Sometimes, products can sit unevenly on wire shelves. This can lead to them spilling when the door is closed and making a huge mess, but that won’t be a problem if customers opt for a product that has glass shelves.

Instead, the mess will be contained to one shelf, and customers can easily take out the shelf to wash it in the sink. This makes this mini fridge a great option for customers that plan to use it in their kitchen.

Leveling Legs

These are not a necessity (customers can always put something else under the fridge), but they are nice to have. Customers can unscrew them as necessary to guarantee that the compact fridge, and everything in it, sits perfectly level.

Interior Lights Included

Smaller refrigerators are known for not having a light on the inside, but not this mini-fridge! Customers will enjoy having a compact fridge with an interior light that turns on as soon as they open the refrigerator.


This mini fridge is on the quieter side, which is nice. The noise that it makes can be heard as a quiet hum, but it is not so loud that it will distract or annoy persons nearby.

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