The RFR329 Red Garage Tool Box Fridge is a tool box mini fridge that was designed with the garage in mind. At 3.2 cubic feet, this miniature refrigerator has the classic appearance of a large red tool box with the awesome functions of a mini fridge, making it the perfect choice to keep beverages cold for the mechanics in the family.



Customers are going to pay approximately $145 for this mini fridge, but they do get to enjoy free shipping.


As a classic red toolbox mini fridge, this compact refrigerator is only available in one color, and in one design.

Small Freezer Compartment

Although there is a freezer compartment inside the fridge, it is so small that it can only be used for ice cube trays. A full-size frozen pizza will not fit inside of the freezer.

Built-in Can Dispenser

Grabbing a cold one while hanging out in the garage doesn’t get any easier than it is with a built-in can dispenser. All a person must do is open the door, grab a can from the bottom and the rest of them will roll right down. This is the ideal storage option for anyone that prefers to drink out of a can.

Interior Shelving

Additional shelves found in the interior of the refrigerator provide extra space for customers. Larger shelves make storing a few tall bottles easy, and smaller shelves allow customers to guarantee that everything is easy to find in their mini fridge.

Reversible Door

The reversible door makes this the perfect mini fridge for people that already have a place in mind for their new compact fridge. The door can be installed to open either way so it will never get in the way of getting to the tool box or take up the walkway.

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Caster Wheels

The wheels on the bottom make this one of the easiest mini fridges to move. Customers can simply insert them in the holes on the bottom after they open the box, and then wheel this bad boy anywhere that they want it to go. After that, the wheels can be locked into place to ensure that the mini fridge stays right where customers want it too.

Made of Metal

Customers can customize their toolbox mini fridge with magnets if they would like to, they can enjoy how durable it is, and they will appreciate the authentic toolbox look because this small refrigerator is made of metal. It will not break as easily as plastic ones because it was designed to last.

Single Door

Even though there is a small freezer compartment, there is only one door so things in the freezer might not stay as cold as you would like for them too. This also means that some of the cold air can be let out of the freezer every time that the door is opened. This makes it less than ideal for storing anything other than ice cube trays even if they do fit inside of the freezer.


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This is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys spending some time in the garage that needs a mini fridge. The tall red toolbox style goes perfectly with other toolboxes that are in the garage, and no one will have to run in and out of the house to get cold beverages again. There is more than enough room in the 3.2 cubic square feet for tall necks, cans, and anything else customers might want to throw in there, making it ideal for a man cave or anyone’s garage.
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