Magic Chef Stainless Steel 2-4 Cubic Foot Mini Refrigerator

This miniature refrigerator is a smaller mini fridge that is all fridge. It is designed for convenience and keeping those drinks cold. An ALL Mini Fridge is capable to keeping everything cold, not just certain items, without them spoiling.



At only $140, this stainless-steel mini fridge is more than affordable. Customers that order this mini fridge through Amazon can enjoy free shipping so that they do not have to pay the additional cost. Keep in mind that international shipping is not available for this mini fridge.


This gorgeous refrigerator is a beautiful stainless steel and black that will coordinate with any current decorating scheme. The door itself is stainless steel, but not the rest of the fridge. It is not available in any other colors.


The space in this mini refrigerator is somewhat limited. With only 2.4 cubic feet of space, customers are not going to fit a lot in this refrigerator outside of drinks. That does, however, make it ideal for small, tight fitting places where space is limited. It would work inside of a larger cabinet, be perfect for fitting underneath of a desk or in the corner of a dorm room. The small size makes it the ideal dorm mini fridge.

Energy Star Certified

When customers purchase a product that is energy star certified, it means that they do not have to worry about a drastic increase in their electric bill.

They also do not have to worry about requirements in place that limit which mini fridges a person can have. For example, many dorms and offices do not allow residents or employees to have these products unless they are energy efficient because of the increase in the electric bill. Energy Star certified fridges are always more energy efficient.

Adjustable Thermostat

The adjustable thermostat makes it easy to adjust the cooling temperature inside of the refrigerator compartment so that drinks can be as cool as customers want them to be, whether that is lukewarm or almost frozen. They set the temperature to meet their needs.

Wire Shelves

This unit comes with two wire shelves to make stacking easier. It is the same size as most products that do not have any shelves, or have built in shelves, yet it provides this extra feature for additional storage options.

The wire shelves are ideal for durability, and they are both removable in case customers want to store larger items, like a gallon of milk or taller bottles. Customers can easily remove one or both of the shelves for convenience, or to make them easier to clean.


This refrigerator is surprisingly lightweight for its product category.

It weighs less than 40 pounds, making it easy for anyone to move, or to carry in the house by themselves.
This makes it a the perfect mini fridge for customers that do not have a lot of upper body strength or those that have a bad back because it is so easy to slide it across the floor or to pick it up and move it.

Small Size

The small size makes this product ideal for customers that are looking to for something small that does not use a lot of space. This makes it ideal for use in a kitchen for extra drink space or to store extra food for the holidays, or for use in an office.


This product does come with a warranty from the manufacturer, which is nice.

Customers can rest assured that if they wind up with a product that was damaged during shipping, they can return it. Make sure to thoroughly read the warranty to see what it does, and does not, cover before purchasing any product, including this one.


Customer Reviews

The lack of customer reviews can be a good thing, or a bad thing. Most customers that have a bad experience with a product will be in a hurry to post a review about it so that they can warn other customers about the product.They feel as though they wasted their money, and they do not want for other customers to go through the same thing.
This is how this can be a good thing. There might not be a lot of reviews, but that also means that there are not a lot of negative reviews.

The Verdict

Overall, this could be a great investment to keep drinks cool. The fact that it is smaller and doesn’t use a lot of energy makes it ideal for a man cave, a teenager’s bedroom or a dorm room fridge. Most dorms have rules regarding size and energy usage when it comes to compact refrigerators, and this product will make the perfect dorm mini fridge.

It is not weatherproof and does not have freezer space, so it might not be the best product for customers that want to complete their outdoor kitchen or those that are looking for something to give them additional freezer space. It will not be able to be used as an apartment refrigerator.

This product should be purchased by customers that want to keep their drinks cold and those that like the flawless look that can only be achieved with stainless steel.

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