Danby DPF073C1BSLDD Designer 7.3 cu.ft. Two Door Apartment Size Refrigerator, Steel

This refrigerator is advertised as an apartment size refrigerator, but it can easily work as a second refrigerator, a break room refrigerator, or a mini-fridge. The additional storage and features make this an extremely versatile compact fridgerator.



This stainless-steel mini fridge costs approximately $350, but customers do get free shipping when it is ordered through Amazon Prime.


This miniature refrigerator is only available in stainless steel. This is not a faux stainless-steel fridge that is truly made of plastic. It is made of stainless-steel and has a black trim.


This small refrigerator is in between a dorm size mini fridge and a full-size refrigerator. It’s approximately 56 inches tall, giving customers more storage space than a cube styled mini fridge but less than a refrigerator.

Energy Star Certified

Companies can say that their fridges are energy efficient, but truly energy efficient refrigerators have that energy star certification. This means that this one is proven to be energy efficient.

Customers will not see a drastic increase in their utility bill when they use this mini fridge.


When it comes to storage, there is almost as much as a full-size refrigerator. This bad boy stands at a little over four feet tall, and it’s got plenty of space inside of it.

A crisper drawer at the bottom with a glass top is ideal for storing vegetables and being able to see what is inside.

Smooth Back Design

The smooth back design that comes with this fridge makes it look more modern, and it makes it easier to find somewhere to place it.

It can fit snugly in a corner or up against a wall without customers having to have a few inches in between the fridge and the wall, which can be an eyesore. This also makes it ideal for tight spaces that do not have a lot of room to walk, such as in a camper.

Amp Usage / Outlet / Warranty

This small fridge uses approximately 120 amps.

This mini fridge uses a standard 110 outlet.

There is a warranty on the parts and labor of this one that lasts one and a half years.

Partially Frost Free

The refrigerator half of this mini fridge is frost free, yet the freezer needs to be manually defrosted. The manufacturer recommends defrosting the freezer portion every six months, but this might be more or less depending on how frequently the freezer is used.

Interior Light

This short refrigerator offers all the features of a standard sized refrigerator without the additional space, including an interior light. It turns on when the door is opened, just as the light does in a standard sized refrigerator.

Very Little Noise

This mini fridge is quiet when compared to other, louder styles. It does make a slow hum, but it is not considerably loud or noticeable.


Customer Reviews

The reviews are a bit mixed, with one fourth of them saying that the mini fridge arrived damaged. These customers stated that the exterior of the mini-fridge had obvious dents or dings in various places. Only one person had a hard time returning it, and the rest of the customers have returned the fridge and received a new one. This is a problem with the people that are shipping the item, not the manufacturer. The miniature fridge leaves the warehouse fine but may be damaged during shipping.

Other people enjoyed that the freezer kept ice cream cold, and they liked how much space was available in the refrigerator. It provides ample space for a smaller family to use it as a refrigerator.

The Verdict

Most people are enjoying this fridge as a camper, or RV, refrigerator. Its smaller size makes it ideal for those that need a camper refrigerator because it provides more storage space than a dorm mini-fridge yet it is not as big as a full-size refrigerator. It does not have the bulky back that many refrigerators do and is a bit narrower than a standard sized refrigerator.

This mini fridge will work well for anyone that needs something more than a cube style mini fridge to simply store their drinks inside. It can work as a second fridge, as a fridge for a single person that does not need that much storage space, as a break room refrigerator for the office or customers can enjoy this being used in an RV. A person that owns a bachelor pad would easily be able to use this as a refrigerator in place of purchasing a full-size one.

This may work for a dorm fridge depending on the rules that campus has regarding mini fridges and how much space is available. Consider what is needed in a mini fridge for, and then decide if this stainless-steel fridge will meet those needs or be a bit too big.

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