BLACK DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, 1.7 Cubic Ft.

A mini fridge created by Black and Decker designed to outshine the competition, be as functional as possible and have enough options that everyone will have what they are looking for. Black and Decker truly went above and beyond when they made this mini fridge. The price is competitive, and the storage space is nice. Read on to discover the features, learn what other customers are saying, and determine if this is the perfect purchase or not.



First, let’s look at the price. This mini fridge is approximately $100. The price will fluctuate depending on whether it is on sale and what options are selected. For example, some colors have a higher price than other colors. Either way, the price will stay around that $100 mark and qualify for free shipping through Amazon


This mini refrigerator comes in three different colors: black, white and silver. Each color is a different price, but the options for the fridge are the exact same, guaranteeing that customers do not have to compromise satisfaction to have their preferred color.

Glass Shelf

One full-width shelf stretches across the refrigerator compartment to make stacking things inside this mini fridge convenient. This shelf can be removed by customers that want to store larger items, such as bottles of wine. It is adjustable, and it is made of glass, meaning that it helps contain spills so that nothing will make a mess all over the interior of the fridge. These shelves are much easier to clean when compared to wire shelving.

Door Storage

Door storage is something that every customer needs to consider before buying a compact refrigerator. This model features a full-width door shelf with a larger opening that is perfect for storing a 2-liter of soda as well as a smaller shelf that can be used to hold a can of soda that is laying down. All customers have to do is open the door, grab the can and go.

Manual Defrost

This small refrigerator will not defrost itself. Instead, customers will need to remove the items from the freezer to manually defrost it.

One Adjustable Thermostat

The adjustable thermostat is a nice option to guarantee that foods stay at a safe temperature and drinks stay as cold as people would like for them to, but customers need to be aware that there is only one thermostat. This means that there is not a separate thermostat for the fridge and freezer, which can be a problem for customers that intend to put frozen foods in the freezer.

Leveling Legs

This mini fridge has leveling legs, uneven floors are not going to be a problem. Instead, customers can adjust the mini refrigerator to make sure that it stays nice and level, and the door stays shut.

Energy Star Certified

Mini fridges can use up a lot more electricity than people realize. It can be a nightmare to pick one of these up and then see the increase in the utility bill. Because this one is energy star certified, it means that no one is going to be shocked by how high their electric bill is after they start using this.

Flat Back Design

The flat back design on this mini fridge makes it ideal for fitting into tight spaces. Homeowners won’t have to worry about sitting the mini fridge several inches away from the wall due to the design of the back. Instead, this compact design can fit just about anywhere that customers want it too.


One of the best things about this fridge is that it is quiet. It is so quiet that some customers have complained because they could not tell whether the fridge was working or not after they first received it. To tell if it is on, people will have to put their ear up against the back of the fridge and listen for a very faint humming noise.

Great for Keeping Beverages Cold

This is not the ideal refrigerator for storing food for the family if the main one goes out, but it is perfect for storing drinks. It’s already got the ice cube tray that fits inside of the freezer compartment, and its shelves are perfect for storing various sizes. Customers that are just looking for a mini fridge to store pop in will appreciate that this one is going to hold approximately 18 standard 12-ounce cans.

Power Cord Length

The power cord on this mini fridge is approximately five feet long.

Needs to be Ventilated

Although the flat back design is perfect for deciding where to place the fridge at, customers need to keep in mind that this mini fridge does need to be ventilated. There should be approximately two inches in between the fridge and the wall in the back


Overall, this is a nice mini fridge. There are no customer complaints about the company, and they seem to stand behind their warranty, which is always nice. The fridge itself works beautifully, with little customer complaints. The longer power cord makes this one ideal for people that want to have it in the living room, etc. where there are not a lot of outlets. The storage inside the fridge is great if shoppers are looking for a mini fridge to store drinks in. It is not going to work for storing food for the family or for customers that would like to store freezer food, on the other hand. It is perfect for the office or an additional mini fridge to keep the kids out of the stash of pop. Customers should not consider this fridge if they are interested in freezer space. You cannot store a lot of food in the freezer. It’s so small that it probably should not be considered when deciding if this fridge is the one. Other than that one downfall, this is a mini fridge worth looking into.

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