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Mini Fridge Store

Welcome to our store where you will find the latest in mini fridge trends, technology, styles, types, brands, sizes, colors, and designs from all of the major brands and some brands that you have probably never heard of…yet!  We have gone to great lengths to make one of the most extensive resources for everything related to this popular compact appliance.  Whether you are looking to save space or save money, you will find the mini fridge answer here.  As a matter of fact I decided to open this mini fridge store several years ago after my own personal mini fridge shopping adventure.  I quickly realized how useful this miniature appliance was but after finding only limited selection and limited information, I decided to do something about it.

Since then, year after year the mini fridge has grown in popularity so much that it has literally become a staple in dorms, offices, garages, basements, bedrooms, and even some kitchens.  Once consumers learned that this affordable appliance could be used to keep things like medicine and makeup cold just as easily as it keeps food and drinks cold, the market for space saving refrigeration would never be the same.  Open the door to a mini fridge today and you are just as likely to find someone’s medicine as you are to find a wine cooler or a Coke. What Features Are Important To You? Although mini fridges are more popular and more affordable than ever, you will likely want to decide what features you actually need versus what features you just want.  Most people won’t “need” to purchase a mini fridge that has built-in mood lighting or a door that can be locked remotely via an app or bluetooth.  Although these features sound awesome, the truth is that most consumers don’t want to pay for them.  Fortunately if you are a frugal kind of person and you just want to keep things cold, the good news is that you can typically buy a mini fridge for well under $100. Mini Fridge With A Built-In Freezer, Separate Freezer, Or No Freezer At All? Before you even begin to look at all of the various types and sizes of mini fridges, you should think about what you are going to most commonly store in it.  For example many mini fridges don’t have a freezer, therefor you won’t be able to store certain types of food in the mini fridge.  You will also never be able to make ice, or keep ice in it.

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Other types of mini fridges have a very small freezer that is just placed inside of the refrigerator itself.  Although this might be considered slightly more useful than no freezer at all, the actual freezer space can be quite small so it won’t hold much food.  This is even more of a problem if you want to keep ice cube trays in the freezer.  Many mini fridges with small “bullt-in” freezers will hold little more than just your ice cube trays.  
This type of mini fridge with a small built-in freezer might also tend to frost up rather quickly and heavily, especially in some cheaper units.  If you end up purchasing this type of mini fridge without knowing it, chances are pretty good that you will be looking to replace it “sooner rather than later”.  Also, you probably won’t enjoy your mini fridge as much as you would like to.

Keep in mind that a mini fridge with a separate freezer will often be much taller than a mini fridge with no freezer or a mini fridge with a built-in freezer. I would suggest that you measure the space where you want to place the mini fridge-freezer first and compare that to the measurements (and ventilation requirements) of the fridge-freezer that you want to buy. This is a fast and easy step to take that can save you a lot of aggravation if your new mini fridge doesn’t fit where you want it to.

In addition to thinking about what you are going to use the product for, you need to keep in mind where you are going to put it.  If the product is going to go underneath a desk or in a cubicle at your office, the space needs to be measured to make sure that it will fit properly. 
You also need to consider which way the door will open to guarantee that it is going to be convenient. If the door is not reversible, keep that in mind, too

Think about the color that you would like before you start to shop. For example, if you want it to go in the man cave, and the man cave is decorated in specific colors, it would be awesome to find one in that color. If special color mini fridges are not an option, decide whether you want one in black, white or stainless steel. While some brands may have several colorful options available, other brands only come in basic colors.

This is a big one if you are looking for a product for a dorm room or office.  Most dorms and offices have specific requirements for mini fridges because they do not want to see a drastic increase in their electric bill. 
If this is the case, look for a mini fridge that is energy efficient.  Most of these products will meet the requirements that are set in place by offices or dorms.
Some products work with a three-prong outlet, while some will be fine with a two-prong outlet.  Also be sure that you are not purchasing a mini fridge that only works on a 12 volt plug in because these are typically meant for use in vehicles only.  This is often the case with portable mini coolers or micro fridges.
So be sure to check out the outlet where you are planning on plugging in your new mini fridge to make sure that they are compatible, in good condition, and safe 

Most full-size refrigerators come with this option but not all mini fridges do.  All surfaces aren’t equal, but leveling legs can overcome this hurdle.  You may or may not have use for this functionality all the time but having it when it is needed is a huge plus.

Some mini-fridges come with an auto-defrost feature.  However, not all of them have a drip tray to contain the water.  While it may sound counterintuitive, some manufacturers seem to have missed out on this vital functionality. When you’re out shopping for a mini-fridge, be sure to get one with a drip tray.

The last type of mini fridge is my personal favorite because it has a freezer compartment that is completely separate from the “fridge” compartment, just like a full size refrigerator.  (this type of mini fridge can cost more
This is the most useful type of mini fridge because the freezer portion is big enough to actually store some food and still have room left over for plenty of ice.  
This mini fridge-freezer will also go much longer without the freezer getting full of frost, and some fridge freezers may even be “Frost Free”.  If you have ever had to de-frost a freezer then you will appreciate not having to do it nearly as often, or not having to do it at all. It’s not fun!

Most modern mini fridges use approximately 2 amps. Over the course of one year, a compact refrigerator can use 15-20 amps, according to the Department of Energy. Older, outdated models and small refrigerators that are not energy efficient often use more, resulting in higher electric bills.

Different mini fridges reach different temperature levels. Products that are advertised as zero-degree mini fridges will get as low as zero degrees. Aside from these products, most mini fridges will reach temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Compact refrigerators that contain a separate freezer compartment, complete with a separate door, often reach a lower temperature. The freezer compartments in these products get cold enough to use them for meat, frozen foods and ice cube trays.

A mini fridge often requires room for ventilation purposes. Consumers are advised to leave 1-2 inches of free space on the sides and in the back of the compact refrigerator to ensure that it continues to work efficiently and lasts a long time. Products that are not properly ventilated can overheat and stop working within months, especially if it lacks in quality and durability. Leaving space for proper ventilation has many benefits.

We touched on this earlier however if you decide to purchase a mini fridge with a freezer, you may want to look for the actual dimensions of the freezer so you can see if your favorite foods will fit.

This can be a tough question to answer because there are so many variables involved that will determine the life span of a typical mini fridge. However with that disclaimer stated clearly, “on average” consumers can expect their mini fridge to last approximately eight years. Please be aware that cheaper mini fridges may only last four or five years, while a very well made mini fridge can last up to 12 years, or even longer. The life expectancy often depends on the brand, the model, whether it is properly ventilated, and the “wear and tear” that the compact fridge must endure.

Space is limited inside a mini-fridge, so it’s essential to maximize the interior real estate.  Pick the type that comes with multiple slats that allow for easy shelf adjustments.  With this feature available, it’s easy to store taller cans and keep them chilled without having to leave out others.

Even if mini-fridges are scaled-down versions of their bigger siblings, they still use up a significant amount of energy.  This goes for any type of appliance that comes with a cooling functionality.  Be sure that you are buying a mini-fridge that comes with the Energy Star certification.  It’s one way of knowing that the product you’re buying won’t cause large spikes in your utility bill.

Mini Fridge Summary

These common questions regarding mini fridges are the ones that customers should be asking before purchasing this handy compact appliance, but they are often forgotten. In most scenarios it will definitely be helpful to know the mini fridge dimensions, how long you should expect it to last, and whether it meets your particular needs for additional storage of food, drinks, medicine, makeup, pet food, or whatever else might end up being stored in that new mini fridge! When shoppers are able to find answers to these questions before buying a new mini fridge, it is much more likely that they will buy the best mini fridge for their unique situation.

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