Mini fridges continue to increase in popularity, especially among dorm room students. Compact refrigerators have become a dorm room staple, but people that have never owned one of these products before are always wondering what they can put in them. There are a few things that people need to keep in mind when they are stocking their mini fridge.

Large bottles of pop

Most compact refrigerators come with a spot in the door so that there is more than enough space for a 2 liter of soda. This is a nice use of door space.

If there is not a certain spot for these or there is not a lot of room inside of the dorm room refrigerator, then students will need to keep in mind how much space they have. That large bottle of pop can easily take up half of the refrigerator space that is available.


Built-in can dispensers are ideal for storing a few cans of pop. Other than that, keep one or two in the refrigerator compartment so that there is always something cold to drink. Leave the rest of the case of pop beside the mini fridge and put a couple can in as needed. This is a great idea because they will take up most of the space inside of a mini fridge.

Adjustable shelves determine whether tall bottles will fit
Smaller snacks that need refrigerated will easily fit inside of a dorm room mini fridge. Think of things like cheese sticks, celery sticks, fresh fruit, or some yogurt. Anything that is smaller will be great for these. These are also nice snacks to have handy for people that are running late to class.

Freezer food

There are a few things that people need to keep in mind before they start stocking up the dorm room freezer. One thing is that products with one door can lead to problems with food not remaining frozen. Before stocking up on groceries, test the freezer out by putting one frozen pizza in it to see if it will stay frozen.

Students also need to keep in mind that they might have to play with the temperature settings a little bit to keep food frozen. This is another way that a single frozen pizza or a pint of ice cream can be used as a test subject. Use various settings to determine the appropriate temperature for them to stay frozen.

After that, freezer food is only limited by how much freezer space there is. For example, some larger compact refrigerators, like the ones with two doors, can easily fit a full size frozen pizza. Other ones can only fit a pint of ice cream.

Final Thoughts

Take a minute to really look at the space that is available, and then simply walk up and down the aisles at the grocery store. Look at the various items for sale and decide what will, and will not, fit. Remember, it is better to buy too little and make a second trip than to buy too much and it not fit inside.

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