Products That Deserve a Spot Inside

Skincare mini fridges are the hottest beauty trend. They are all over Instagram, and this trend is not going anywhere any time soon. Popular Instagrammers have no problem showing the world their favorite picks to keep their skincare beauty fridge stocked, but that doesn’t mean that is what has to, or should, go inside.

A mini fridge might not be big enough to fit all of someone’s skin care products inside of it, especially if customers select one of the smaller ones designed to be a beauty fridge. People that are limited to what will fit need to make sure that these products get a spot inside. They will work better, feel better and last longer. Your bank account will thank you later.

Organic Products

Organic products do not contain any preservatives. This is wonderful for skin because it means that people are not putting chemicals and harmful toxins on the skin. It is horrible for the shelf life of these products, though. That is where beauty fridges come in. When a person keeps their organic skin care products inside of a small refrigerator, they will last much longer.

Eye Creams and Serums

Eye creams and serums deserve a spot inside of the beauty fridge. These skincare products are more effective when they are cold, so keeping them the perfect temperature will keep people looking their best. They will be more effective at eliminating under-eye circles and the puffiness that comes with both age and being tired. Instead of trying several different creams or serums to find one that works, try keeping them refrigerated and they will instantly become a favorite.

Anything with Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a popular ingredient in most skincare products. It is natural, it is wonderful for skin and comes with a plethora of benefits. Vitamin C is also very temperamental when it comes to certain temperatures. The hotter it gets, the less it will work. This is why products that have vitamin C in them are better off kept in a skin care fridge.

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More Details

There are plenty of soothing skin creams that have a gel like consistency. Everyone enjoys the way that these products feel, but it does not take much for them to go from that awesome gel into a liquid so thin it reminds the owner of melted make up. Keep gel products like the gel that they were intended to be by storing them in a skin care refrigerator.

Retinol is another popular ingredient in skin care products. If this ingredient is in constant contact with higher temperatures, it can slowly weaken until it is inactive. This means that the product is not going to work like it is supposed to. That is why any product with this ingredient should be stored in a skincare mini fridge.

Hair and face oils are another thing that should be kept in a refrigerator. These usually come in smaller, dark tinted bottles to help protect the oil, but UV light can still get through those dark bottles and effect the product. It can damage the ingredients in essential oils, especially if they are organic.

The Verdict

Skincare fridges are more than just another trend. They are quickly becoming a necessity for those that are serious about their skin care. A person can pick up a compact electrical cooler for a few items, or they can re-organize a mini fridge to make sure that they have more than enough room for all their products.

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