Mini fridges have become a staple in dorms, offices and bedrooms. The compact refrigerator market has begun to truly out-do themselves with the wide array of products available. Dazzling designs captivate an entire room. Outstanding features provide convenience that was simply not available in older models. Affordability makes these products available to almost anyone, leading to more customers opting for a mini fridge to save themselves a short walk into the break room for a refreshment.

Customers that have not previously purchased a compact refrigerator are always full of questions. These answers to commonly asked questions will help anyone learn more about mini fridges so that they know the necessary information to make an informed decision, and so that they can determine if a compact fridge is right for them.

How Many Amps Does It Use?


Most modern mini fridges use approximately 2 amps. Over the course of one year, a compact refrigerator can use 15-20 amps, according to the Department of Energy.

Older, outdated models and small refrigerators that are not energy efficient often use more, resulting in higher electric bills.

How Cold Does It Get?


Different mini fridges reach different temperatures. Products that are advertised as zero-degree mini fridges will get as low as zero degrees. Aside from these products, most mini fridges will reach temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compact refrigerators that contain a separate freezer compartment, complete with a separate door, often reach lower temperatures. The freezer compartments in these products get cold enough to use them for meat, frozen foods and ice cube trays.

What Are the MINI FRIDGE Dimensions?

Mini fridges are available in different dimensions. Sizes can be as small as a couple of feet or as tall as three feet. Knowing mini fridge dimensions before purchasing a product will guarantee that the compact refrigerator is not too tall for the spot that customer would like for it to go, such as underneath a desk.

To determine the dimensions that are needed, measure the area where the mini fridge will go. Then, add a couple inches to each dimension to allow a small amount of extra space for errors. This will help customers find a mini fridge that is that perfect size for the spot they have in mind.

Does It Need Ventilated?


Mini fridges need room for ventilation. Customers are advised to leave 1-2 inches of free space on the sides and in the back of the compact refrigerator to ensure that it continues to work properly. Products that do not have space for ventilation can overheat and stop working within months.

How Much Freezer Space Is There?

Compact refrigerators might provide a separate freezer space that has enough room for a full-size frozen pizza, or they might not have a freezer space at all. Consider how much freezer space is needed, and then find a product that meets those needs.

How Long Will It Last?

Customers can expect for their mini fridge to last around eight years. Some of them will only last four or five years, others will last up to 12 years. The life expectancy often depends on the brand, the model, whether it is properly ventilated, and the wear and tear that the compact fridge must endure.

These common questions regarding mini fridges are the ones that customers should be asking before purchasing a compact refrigerator, but they are often forgotten. Every customer needs to know mini fridge dimensions, how long a product will last and whether it meets their needs for additional food and drink storage. When customers ask these questions prior to purchasing a new mini fridge, they can purchase a product with confidence.

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