This fridgerator from Frigidaire is uniquely designed to keep beverages cold while being stylish. The retro look is always a favorite among those that like fashionable things, and this cute creation has managed to capture exactly what a retro mini fridge should look like.

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This conveniently small fridge is only going to cost about $60, and it qualifies for free shipping.


Four different colors give customers plenty of selections to decide on their favorite. Shoppers can choose a pink retro mini fridge for their teen girl to store skincare in, a blue retro compact fridge for those that do not like pink, or they can go with a classic red. If none of those colors are appealing, customers will enjoy a black one.


Those that want something smaller to keep a few drinks or their lunch cold at the office are going to love this retro mini fridge. It can easily hold six standard sized cans of pop, and there are larger versions for customers that need a little bit more room.

There is no freezer space available in this pink mini fridge. Customers should be aware that this one is intended for use as a small cooler, and should not use it to store frozen foods or meats in.

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Portability is a necessity in small mini fridges, and the weight on this one makes it more portable than other options. Customers will have no problems grabbing this pint-sized product on their way to the car because it only weighs 4.5 pounds. That’s less than most bags of sugar!

Cannot be Used to Store Dairy

This pink mini fridge plugs in just like a refrigerator, but it cannot be used like a regular refrigerator. It can keep drinks cool, but it cannot be used for things that need to be refrigerated, such as dairy because the temperature can fluctuate, meaning that milk can spoil and foods like chip dip might not be kept at a safe temperature.


Shoppers should be aware that this retro compact fridge is made from plastic, not metal. Several customers have been confused about this upon ordering it because the plastic looks as though it might be metal in the picture. It should be noted that magnets will not stick to the front of this compact fridgerator.

Perfect for Make Up

There is nothing worse than opening a cream eyeshadow single only to discover that it has melted or looking at organic skin creams that have separated and can no longer be used. That is why so many people are using mini fridges like this one for their make up and skin care collection. Portable mini fridges are the perfect size for storing make up and skin creams because they can easily sit on the side of a vanity or dresser.

Customer Reviews

Kerry Davies
Kerry Davies
Good name, Good price...
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Up front. This fridge is cold and quiet. A great deal at the price. Simple. I love it. Replacing an Edgestar 84 can glass front fridge that I loved, but was 3x the price. Now, the details. it is nothing more than any standard mini fridge you haven't see a hundred times. Same plastic molding around the door, same exterior design, same interior design, with some extra decaling. the Frigidaire chrome accent is kinda nice but is clearly off center on my unit. The "handle" is cheap fake chrome plastic. And the accent piece at the bottom of the door is just a waste of time (seriously). I didn't add the bottle opener as I have a multitude of those, even just below where I have the fridge.Cheaply made and doesn't look like anything attractive. Pros: It's quiet, gets very cold, mine has gotten to perfect beer temp in only two days. It has plenty of room for all of that adult beverage goodness. and looks, ok. A value for it's performance. Cons: Can't say much, it does look good for it's price. Just would have hoped for a little more. But it works. 4 stars because it sounded better on paper (online) than what I was hoping for. I will be customizing this unit to make it personal and a little more snazzy. No regrets at all. Buy it, be happy. Update, removed the cheap plastic, added some cheap decals. That's better.
Border Collies Rock
Border Collies Rock
Good product in its price range
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Very sturdy and well-built refrigerator, a bit disappointed in the vintage handle that is made entirely of plastic, as is the Frigidaire logo on the bottom of the door. The bottlecap opener is fully metal and very sturdy. Entire refrigerator wrapped and protected plastic helps keep the bright red flawless. Very quiet operation, got cold very quickly after plugging it in.
Mary Beth
Mary Beth
Using at my B&B
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I had to come and write a review for this product. I left it slightly open for a full day about 16 hours after I closed my store. I came back to a mess of course of leaking water. At this point I thought it was done with and had very little hope it would ever function correctly. After I cleaned everything up, for about 3 days there was a pool of water that would build up inside the fridge. After the few days of cleaning the water it is working like it was brand new.


This is a great gift, and so far no one that has received it has been disappointed. The retro style is more popular among women, however, so that should be kept in mind. This mini-fridge is perfect for someone that needs to keep a few cans of pop cold or keep make up in perfect condition.

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