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Most students will quickly discover that food at the local café can get expensive after awhile. It can mean that a student will have to spend hundreds of dollars a week just to eat three meals a day. Every time that a student is in the middle of studying and wants a snack, they will have to leave or resort to packaged foods, like potato chips. This is neither ideal nor healthy for them.

A mini fridge offers the perfect solution. Mini fridges can help a student be more comfortable, and they can help save money on food. A dorm room mini-fridge helps encourage healthy eating, too.

These are available in a variety of sizes. Most students can make a smaller, cube style compact refrigerator work, but a bigger one is a nice option if the college will allow it. Larger ones often have additional freezer space that most students will enjoy.

Mini Fridges to Shower Shoes

Every year, there are plenty of students that over pack. There are also plenty of students that wind up at college and regret not bringing certain things. These are the top necessities that every student needs aside from the obvious, like hygiene and clothing items.

Storage Totes, Containers, Etc.

If there is one thing that new students need to know about dorm rooms, it is that they are small. Storage is limited no matter how few things a person brings with them. That is why stackable containers are so popular before school starts in the fall. These are often included in back to school sales for those that are moving into dorms.

Rubber maid totes and stackable containers are a nice option, but that is not the only way that students can store things. Students can opt for furniture that offers additional storage, such as an ottoman that has storage instead of a bean bag chair. Make-up and accessory organizers that can be hung up in the closet are another great way to save space.

Before moving in, take a good look at the room and look up awesome vertical storage options. There are plenty of ideas for storing things along the walls, in the closet and under the bed. Students will need to make the most out of every storage space possible to guarantee that everything fits.

Power Strips, Extension Cords, and Adaptors

Some dorm rooms were never updated so they only have a couple of basic two-prong outlets. This would be fine for a person that only wants to plug in a radio and compact refrigerator, but modern students need a little bit more than that.

Check out the outlet situation in the room before going shopping to determine what is needed. If outlets are placed far away from the bed, bring an extension cord so that plugging in a phone and having it next to the bed isn’t a problem.

If there are going to be a lot of electronics in the room, bring a power strip. These are a nice idea to make sure that there are enough plugs for everything. Bringing an extra one never hurts either. This is a necessity for anyone that is bringing a gaming console.

Last, grab a couple of adaptors if the room only has two-prong outlets. These adaptors can be used to plug a three-prong plug into those outdated two-prong outlets. For example, a student can place one on the plug to their mini fridge and then plug it into the wall.

Shower Shoes

This is the one thing that new students often forget, and they can wind up paying for it later. Sharing a shower without a pair of shower shoes can mean that a student will wind up with foot fungus simply because they took a shower after someone else that had it. Bacterial infections and fungal infections are both highly contagious, and they tend to thrive in warm, wet environments like on a shower floor. Anytime a person is sharing a community shower, they will need to wear a pair of shower shoes.

College students always forget certain things, or they do not bring certain things because they think that they will not need them. Unfortunately, these same students usually wind up regretting that. Instead of having a new college student that regrets not bringing a compact refrigerator, don’t forget these things when making a list of what to pack.

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