Convertible Fridge Freezer With Lock Edgestar

Best Mini Fridge With A Lock

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compact fridge marshall MF4400 NA

Marshall Compact Mini Fridge

There is no doubt that electric guitar players are going to get a kick out of this extremely authentic looking “amp design” mini-fridge, however, I think anyone who loves music or who has ever played in a band is also going to love it.

ac dc power option sprite mini fridge

Sprite Personal Mini Fridge

Sprite lovers will adore this quaint mini-fridge. The green color is fashionable and creates the perfect background for the Sprite logo, which can be seen on the front of the mini-fridge.

Black Decker Mini Fridge

A mini-fridge created by Black and Decker designed to outshine the competition, be as functional as possible and have enough options for everyone. Black and Decker truly went above and beyond when they made this mini-fridge.

tool box mini fridge rca

Garage Fridge Tool Box

A tool box mini fridge that was designed with the garage in mind. This miniature fridge has the classic appearance of a large red tool box with the awesome functions of a mini fridge, making it the perfect choice to keep beverages cold for the mechanics in the family.