Mini Fridges for Sale: What to Watch Out for When Buying Used Mini Fridges

Refurbished and used mini-fridges are perfect for customers that are shopping on a tight budget. They might come with a few dings or scratches, but those are not a large concern when a customer considers how much money they are saving. Before rushing out to buy a cheap mini-fridge, customers should learn what to look out for to make sure that they do not accidently buy a product that does not work, has a smell, or is full of pests.

Check the Inside for Odor

Fridges, including mini fridges, can hold odors inside of the plastic. Before putting a used mini fridge in the car, open the door and take a whiff. If it smells funky, move on to the next option. Some odors are almost impossible to get out, resulting in a person spending hours scrubbing a product, and they might be stuck with the smell regardless of how much effort they put into getting rid of it. Customers can save themselves the hassle and avoid wasting money by checking the mini fridge for bad smells before taking it home.

Examine the Fridge for Bugs

Shoppers should be weary of taking home a mini fridge that has bugs, such as cockroaches, inside it. It can be difficult to spot these because most compact refrigerators are cleaned thoroughly before being sold, but a quick once over can help. Open the fridge door, freezer door/freezer compartment and pick up the mini appliance to give it a good shake. If there are pests inside the refrigerator, they will scurry out when it is shaken. This is not a full proof method to check for bugs, but it can help prevent customers from taking home any pests with them when they purchase a cheap mini fridge.

Make Sure it Works

People should always make sure that a used mini fridge works before they take it home. A person saying it works will not suffice in this scenario. Instead, take the time to plug in the compact fridge. If possible, talk to the owner and ask them to plug it in before arriving so that it has time to get cold. This is the best way to determine if a mini-fridge works or not.

Don’t Buy Products That Are Laying Down

Most of these miniature products are designed to be stored standing up right. If they are stored laying down, or if they have been moved laying down, it can cause irreversible damage to the interior components of the mini fridge, resulting in it not working properly. Not all people know this, so it is important for shoppers to ask how the compact fridge was stored. If it was stored laying down instead of standing upright, move on to the next option.

Make Sure Adjustable Legs Work

If adjustable legs are an important feature to someone, they are advised to make sure that these work before getting home with their used mini fridge. Sometimes, these legs can get stuck or people can take them off. Unsuspecting shoppers then go home with a product that does not function like they expect it to. Before handing over the cash for a used compact fridge, screw and unscrew the legs to make sure that they work.

Double Check for Damages

Most people that sell a used product post pictures with the product. Sometimes, sellers will post pictures of damages, and sometimes they will not. Instead of trusting a stranger to disclose all scratches and dents, it is important for people to check for these themselves. Run a hand over the surfaces of the product to determine if there are dents, something that might not be easy to see on black mini fridges. Also, look at the small fridge in an area with wonderful lighting, and use sunlight if possible. This will make it easier to see scratches that might not be shown in the pictures. Buying a used mini fridge is a great way to get an amazing product on a deal, but it is important for shoppers to make sure that they are getting something that they want, and a mini fridge that works. Following these tips will help customers determine whether the used appliance is right for them.