Mini Fridge Upgraded To Fridge-Freezer Combination Unit

Owning a basic, inexpensive mini fridge for only a very short time period was enough to convince me that my family member would benefit even more from a larger mini fridge. In fact I wanted my family member to have essentially a small refrigerator, as opposed to just a very small mini-fridge. The new, Small Refrigerator that I upgraded to is really more of a fridge-freezer combination with a completely separate freezer compartment, and it has significantly more space available than the tiny little mini-fridge we initially purchased.

That is one thing that you have to watch out for when you decide which mini fridge is right for you. Some mini fridges have a small ice compartment inside the corner of the refrigerator itself, instead of an actual separate freezer compartment. And some mini fridges don’t have any type of “freezer” feature at all. Just be sure to look at this feature and decide how important the freezer is to your needs and that will guide you to the best mini fridge, fridge-freezer combo, or even just a drink cooler that you are really looking for.