Medicine Storage

Perhaps the most important thing that a minifridge can do is keep lifesaving medications cold. In fact I purchased a minifridge for a family member that has diabetes so we could keep their insulin refrigerated properly. We started out by purchasing just a basic mini fridge that was really inexpensive however we quickly realized how nice and convenient it was for my family member to have easy access to things like cold drinking water or fruit juices. After that, we then realized how convenient it was for my family member to have quick, easy access to healthy snacks like Oranges, apples, yogurt, string cheese, orange juice, etc.. (healthy snacks are very helpful for regulating a diabetic’s blood sugar level). It became clear very fast that a mini fridge was the perfect thing for my relative to have in their bedroom so they could have super close and fast access to extremely important things. As nice as having a basic mini fridge was, I knew early on that I wanted my relative to have the best small fridge-freezer that I could buy for them.