Coolers have come a long way from the basic ice chests that they used to be. Now, they are the life of the party, complete with built in sound systems and LED lights to find drinks in the dark.

Coolers are available with blenders, cutting boards and everything to transform them into a complete drink station. Classic coolers have transformed into cool creations that will make every day outside relaxing, just like it should be.

Cooler Accessories

Cooler Phone Chargers

Modern coolers provide more than just a place to store food, they also let people charge their phone at the same time. These little ice chests have a USB plug in so that owners can have their phone within easy reach to keep them on the grid and in touch with friends, family or work. Having a charger right next to the campfire is much more convenient than having to use the cigarette lighter in the car.

Coolers with Built-In Speakers

The latest coolers provide the best sounding speakers, and they are built in. Pick up a waterproof cooler, complete with waterproof speakers, to enjoy tubing on a lazy river while listening to the latest music. Plug in a phone to stream the perfect songs to set the mood during a romantic evening on the beach. These are more than just another cooler, they are quickly becoming a vital part of every party, night out and cook out.

Coolers with speakers are available with all the same options that other coolers are. Both soft coolers and hard coolers offer this option. Customers that want something smaller can find a portable cooler or mini fridge with a built-in speaker too!

Ice-less Coolers

Picking up a bag of ice to go in the cooler used to be standard practice, but modern coolers are designed to minimize the hassle. Ice-less coolers utilize the latest technology to guarantee that foods and drinks stay cold without the mess that goes hand in hand with ice.

Imagine have chilled drinks and food all day without having to worry about the ice melting!

Coolers with Adjustable Temperature Control!

Most of the coolers that are advertised as being ice-less also come with a temperature control. Owners can adjust the temperature to a certain degree via a digital thermostat just like they can with a mini fridge.

These coolers are more than just coolers, they are like taking a portable mini fridge into the woods for the camping trip.

Solar Powered Coolers and Heaters!

All the awesome features need to get power somehow, and that is where solar powered coolers come in handy. These gadgets are great for going off the grid but still having the power to listen to music, charge a phone and keep the food frozen. Solar panels are flexible to make them easy to pack, and solar tables can keep coolers powered up while providing some extra space to sit things.

Long Battery Life
When solar power isn’t enough, customers can use the batteries that come with their cooler. These batteries are much more than just a few standard AA batteries. Coolers come with battery packs that are designed to last up 18 hours, guaranteeing that the cooler will function all night long until the sun comes up. Then, campers can use their solar power options to recharge the battery again.

Customizable Coolers

Coolers are no longer destined to be basic boxes with food in them. Cool accessories make it easier than ever to get a customized look with any cooler. Cooler wraps are available to create a unique looking cooler and decals will add the perfect splash of personality. Customers can get a skin for their cooler that coordinates with their favorite team, or they can really make it eye catching with beautiful abstract artwork. The possibilities to customize coolers are endless.

Cool Cooler Accessories

There are so many accessories available for coolers that it is truly mind blowing. Purchasing a cushion for the cooler will instantly transform it into a makeshift seat. Cup holders will make it a convenient seat that is perfect for hanging out on the deck of the boat. The Coolest Cooler offers customers the option of purchasing a lid with a built-in blender as well.

The cooler market has expanded to let customers choose what they want in a cooler. Consumers can find coolers that come with a complete plate and cutlery set or they can opt for a cooler that is designed to float. There are motorized coolers and ones that were built to go backpacking. Our cooler section can help anyone find the perfect cooler to meet their needs, learn how to keep ice frozen longer and much more.